About Callaway

The Village of Callaway is located in central Nebraska, in Custer County, approximately 21 miles southwest of Broken Bow, Nebraska.  The Village is connected to Highway 40, approximately one-half mile south of Callaway by State Spur 21B.  Callaway is also connected to Broken Bow, Nebraska, via Callaway Road and to Arnold, Nebraska, by Arnold River Road.

The population is estimated to be 561 persons residing within the Village limits. 

The climate of Callaway area is continental and characterized by widely ranging seasonal temperatures and rapidly changing weather patterns.  The temperature ranges from an average daily minimum of 9*F in January and maximum of 88*F in July.  The average annual precipitation in Callaway is 33.5 inches of rain and 22 inches of snow.  These climatic characteristics and fertile soils create an environment for a productive agricultural industry.

Callaway's motto is the "Heart of the Seven Valleys."  The Seven Valleys refers to seven valleys that surround Callaway.  The seven valleys are James, Turner, Brown, Rye, Sand, Loup and Wood River.  There is a poem that was written to assist with learning and remembering the seven valleys.  "James Turner Brown raises Rye in the Sand between the Loup and Wood River."

The Village of Callaway derives its name from that of Samuel R. Callaway, who was vice president and general manager of the Union Pacific Railway when the Wood River grade from Kearney was made, and the promoters of the new town on the Loup - at the end of the line - gave the town his name.  Born December 24, 1850, at Toronto, Ont. Canada; he entered the railway services as office boy in 1862 and in less than forty years became president of the American Locomotive Co.  S.R. Callaway died in June, 1904, in New York City.